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The solutions depicted on this website are just a small extract from our complete product line for Monitoring of Machines, Processes, Tools, and Lasers.
Are you looking for a special monitoring need?
Do you need to monitor data for PM or R&M support?
Want to optimize your machining process?
Consider adding Tool Monitoring, Machine Condition Monitoring, Spindle Monitoring, or Feed-Rate Control?

Give us a call to discuss your specific needs: Contact Machining / Contact Laser processing.

  • Why Monitoring?
  • Our company's history
  • Our awards

In short, monitoring means
increased quality and lowered costs

Higher Quality-Lower Costs

Basically a monitoring solution will make sure that a tool is present and a process is running within its correct parameters.

If a tool breaks or is missing, or if a process leaves its expected parameters, a monitoring system will stop the machining process and/or initiate corrective measurements. A monitoring solution perfectly suited to your needs will even avoid most breakage events or warn you before such an event occurs.

What is the Difference Between Tool Monitoring and Process Monitoring?
To put it simple: process monitoring looks after the quality of the machining process, machine monitoring protects the machine and its components
Both monitoring concepts have similar strategies; very often the same sensors and signal processing methods are used.

What is Your Benefit?
Unattended production, increased process safety, less tool breakage
Quality assurance, increased workpiece quality
Damage minimization in case of tool breakage (e.g. on tool holder)
Damage minimization in case of machine collision
Optimum uptime and productivity, shorter primary processing time
Logging of events

Just think about these expense factors for a minute:
Cost of machine downtime
Cost of machine damage
Cost of secondary damage because of tool breakage
Cost of scrap
Cost of sorting out of rejects

If you cannot ignore these expenses, get into Contact with us.


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Originally formed as a spin-off from the WZL (Laboratory of Machine Tools and Production Engineering) of the Aachen University of Technology (RWTH) in Germany, PROMETEC GmbH has since 1984 been developing systems for monitoring tools and machining processes involving metal cutting.

The proximity to the RWTH and the close contact with users served to augment the technological expertise of PROMETEC from the outset, and helped it to quickly become a worldwide leading supplier of tool monitoring systems for turning, drilling, milling, grinding and dressing.

An additional product range since 1988 includes powerful systems for diagnostics and monitoring of high-power lasers in materials processing.

30th anniversary poster

PROMETEC has founded subsidiaries in America, Asia, West and East Europe and cooperates with worldwide sales partners.

Since 2016 PROMETEC is part of the Swedish Sandvik group (read more here).


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Our awards and certificates (excerpt)
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FORD Award, HFTA Award
Ford Award Ford-Award
Mahindra certificate
Mahindra Certificate
SIEMENS Solution Partner
SIEMENS Solution Partner

PROVIS 2 PCU50 with Win7 PROVIS 3 PCU50 with Win7 PROVIS 3 SINUMERIK Dsl


ACfeed 840D

Start-Up Entrepreneur Award 1988 and Innovation Award of German Industry 1988
PROMETEC Entrepreneur Award Innovation Award


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