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Here you will find all Laser Monitoring and Laser Diagnostic products manufactured and distributed by PROMETEC.

If you are not sure which of these systems may be suited best for your monitoring or optimization task, you should use our questionnaire to receive more information or aid.

  • Weld Monitoring
  • Beam Diagnostic

Products for Laser Weld Monitoring

Welding Monitor PD 2000

Plasma Monitor PM 7000


Monitoring & optimization of laser weld processes.

  • optimized manufacturing through direct optical view into the process
  • Efficient production with optimum quality
  • Transparency for complex tasks

Areas of application
From simple one dimensional welding operations with constant weld parameters to komplex parts with a large number of welds with mixed seam configurations.

In-process monitoring of characteristic
process dimensions for laser processes:*
focal position, weld position, energy density, feed rate, shield gas

In-process monitoring of the process area:*
Welding depth, full penetration, seam width at a given depth in the material,
seam position, melt pool geometry,
humping, spatter, holes, gap in seam preparation (lap joint, butt joint).

*depending on actual process parameters

What you see is what you get
The CMOS-camera is orientated coaxially to the laserbeam. This position delivers geometric
dimensions as well as intensity distributions from the surface of the zone of interaction as well as from the depth of the keyhole.
Signals which mirror changes in specific process or weld dimensions are generated from the images delivered by the camera. The monitoring results can be stored for documentation of the process quality and the camera images are noteably helpful for optimization of the welding process.

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of Welding Monitor PD 2000


Monitoring of laser welding by measurement of plasma radiation.

  • Cost efficient multi-channel solution
  • EASY retrofit solution
  • Really fair price for a
    plasma monitoring solution

Installation or retrofit of PM 7000 is achieved by simply aiming a flexible optical fibre on the process region.

Fast and secure monitoring of laser process quality becomes possible by detection of:*
• bead interruptions
• shielding gas interruptions
• contamination of weld seam preparation
• laser interruptions
• degree of full penetration
• changes in laser process intensity

*depending on actual process parameters

A time-tested monitoring hardware concept serves as the basis for PM 7000. Its multichannel,
modular hardware is integrated into the switch cabinet, is able to use any prevalent field bus or
parallel connection, and has multi sensor capabilities. Its independent DSP enables processing for monitoring tasks (e.g. FFT, wavelet analysis …).

This self-contained solution works even without being connected to a PC running the operating and visualization software.

pdfPDF data sheet
of Plasma Monitor PM 7000 / includes comparison of PM 7000 with PD 2000

Products for Laser Beam Diagnostic



Accurate power measurement for high-power lasers (also available as a beam absorber without measuring properties).

  • Maximum permissible beam power for CO2 laser:
    20 kW, (short-term) 30 kW
  • Aperture: 70 mm
    Measuring accuracy < 1% of the respective measured value up to 20 kW
  • for unfocussed and near-focus
    beams (mirror as a defocussing
    element avoids overload of the absorber)
  • Calorimetric high power measuring device for CO2 and Nd:Yag radiation

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