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Here you will find all products manufactured and distributed by PROMETEC for machining processes.

If you are not sure about the correct system for your monitoring and optimization needs, you should read our tips first - or you should use the questionnaire to ask for assistance:

  • Modular Systems
  • Low Cost Systems
  • Sensors
  • Software Solutions
  • What do I need?

Modular Monitoring Systems


In addition: Operating Module OPM 15 or OPM 21


The modular System with simple Add-On capabilities for monitoring of metal-cutting machines.

  • Successor of the proven PROMOS System
  • Offers compatibility with Industry accepted Machine, Sensor, and Operator Interface protocols while maintaining high flexibility

Area of application
Customized process monitoring for:
transfer lines
rotary cycle machines
turning machines
machining centers …

Standard Functions include Collision, Tool Monitoring, Contact Monitoring, Process Monitoring and Process-Optimization
Additional features (via Add-On) include monitoring of: spindle bearings, recognition of tool- and spindle unbalance, slide condition diagnosis, Monitoring of machine components.

To expand the system requires no additional cabinet space. Functions of the base unit (collision Monitoring with data storage repectively Crash Data Recorder, CDR) may be expanded by using additional hardware modules or software:

Function upgrade with PROMOS 2 (example: grinding application)
1. Minimum function solution (collision detection and GAP control)
• PROMOS 2 system with MSL 3031 function (8 cycles) with connection to NC/PLC
• 1-2 Sensor Modules for connection of 1-2 acoustic emission sensors (workpiece, dressing tool of spindle)

2. Expanded solution (collision detection, GAP control, tool breakage, tool wear, basic condition monitoring for spindle and possibly slides, spindle balancing)
• PROMOS 2 system with MSL 5081 function (250 cycles) with connection to NC/PLC and connection to machine control
• 2-3 Sensor Modules for connection of 1-2 acoustic emission sensors (workpiece, dressing tool of spindle), 1 vibration sensor (spindle)
• Additionally, PROVIS HMI software is recommended

3. Maximum solution (collision detection, GAP control, tool breakage, tool wear, simple condition monitoring for spindle and slides, spindle, table and workpiece balancing)
• PROMOS 2 system with MSL 5081 function (250 cycles) with connection to NC/PLC and control
• 2-4 Sensor Modules for connection of 1-2 acoustic emission sensors (workpiece, dressing tool of spindle),, 1-2 vibration sensors (spindle, workpiece)
• DSP card for frequency analysis
• HMI software is needed additionnally

PROMOS 2 uses the same Operator Interface as used in the original PROVIS Software on an Open NC platform, or existing PROMETEC Operator Panels (like OPM 15):
high acceptance by machine operators,
automatic teach-in,
visualization of the trend,
fast installation,
maintenance free,
tele service.

pdfPDF data sheet
of Monitoring System PROMOS 2

PLS 20

Operating Module OPM 15 & OPM 21
Compact PC for operation of PROMOS 2 or PROMOS 3 - wherever the operating software PROVIS can't or should not be installed on a control.

  • touchscreen-operated
  • powerful PC for operating the complete scope of monitoring software PROVIS
  • suitable for industrial use,
    excellent value
  • large, easy-to-read screen
  • sturdy construction - no mechanical parts (like harddisk or keys)

avaiable as Panel Mount unit or in Protection Box.

pdfPDF data sheet
of Operating Module OPM 15

pdfPDF data sheet
of Operating Module OPM 21

Low Cost Systems

PROTEC - compact Process- and Tool Monitoring

PM 60 - Process Monitor

PLS 30 - Process Listening System


compact Process- and Tool Monitoring

  • process set-up by push-buttons and
    switches protected in the same housing, no Teach-In required
  • monitoring of a single cut,
    machining process, collision monitoring
  • overload limit and missing limit
  • sensor= force, vibration, acoustic emission (pre-amplifier built into the housing)

pdfPDF data sheet

PM 60

PM 60
Process Monitor

  • for electrical enclosure installation,
    set-up via push buttons, with plain text display, idle load compensation, Teach-In
  • monitoring of single cuts,
    drilling or threading operation
  • limits= overload, underload & missing tool
  • sensor= effective power
    with Hall-current transducer

pdfPDF data sheet
of PM 60

PLS 20

PLS 30
Process Listening System

  • makes processes in closed machines
  • acoustical contact detection between
    tool and workpiece are audible through headsets using acoustic emission sensor
  • makes it possible to start the process
    at an exact contact point after
    stoppage or at set-up

pdfPDF data sheet
of PLS 30


Comprehensive choice of Sensors

3SA flexible - Spindle Sensor


for any use, for any application

  • Force
  • Current/Power
  • Vibration
  • Acoustic Emission
  • Fluid Sound
  • ...

Wherever possible, we will favor "sensorless" monitoring, meaning that we will use the power or current signals from the drives themselves. However, in some cases these signals are not available or not sufficient enough. For those cases our design department has many years of experience in regard to the machine-compatible integration of sensors in and between machine components.
The correct sensor location determines the quality of the measurement signal and, in turn, the quality of process and tool monitoring.

pdfOverview of all
PROMETEC sensor data sheets

PM 60

3SA flexible
Spindle Monitoring and Diagnosis

  • Customer and spindle-specific installation with and without analysis electronic sensor bus system - digital
  • Documentation of the spindle load
  • Monitoring of bearing/spindle damage and imbalances
  • Increase of spindle availability, quality and knowledge
  • Condition based maintenance

pdfData sheet
of 3SA Spindle Sensor

Software Solutions on NC controls
no sensors, no hardware needed

PROSINPLUS - Tool Monitoring

ACfeed - Adaptive Control System for Feed Optimization


Pure NC software solution for tool monitoring for all hardware platforms of SINUMERIK 828 D or 840 D pl and 840 D sl with PCU 50 and TCU controls and for FANUC series 16i 18i 21i 30i 31i 32i, 160i 180i 210i 300i 310i 320i.

  • Protects machine and tool from
    static overload
  • Detection of missing holes or drills
    for drilling operations from a diameter of 2 mm* in aluminum
    (*size dependent on nominal spindle power)
  • PROSINPLUS: Improved in-process breakage detection by Work Value calculation
  • PROSINPLUS: for small batches AND for mass production

pdfPDF data sheet

pdfPDF data sheet


Adaptive Control System for feed optimization, pure software solution for all hardware platforms of SINUMERIK 810D or 840D controls

  • Lower Machining Time and lower cost per unit

    Higher Process Assurance
  • Adaptive control system for feed optimization
    Integrated software solution for SIEMENS 840D control
  • great time savings by feed optimization while simultaneously
    increasing process safety
  • Verified: Certain milling operations are up to 30% faster!
  • Savings in cycle time: an average of 5%!

pdfPDF data sheet
of ACfeed

First think about the benefits you will have by utilizing a monitoring solution:

You will be able to use machines beyond end of the shift - without attendance by operators:

  • unlock additional life-span ressources, which were dormant before and can now be turned into cash.

You will be able to minimize secondary damage because of collisions and catastrophic tool breakages:

  • increase availability and efficiency of your cost-intensive machine, which should suffer no downtime.

Both benefits can be realized by a comparatively low investment in a Monitoring System - which will pay for itself within shortest possible time!

Now think about the costs (and the annoyance):

  • Number of (elaborate) work pieces, which you lost shortly before their completion as a result of collisions and major tool breakage, because rework of these pieces was not feasible.
  • Annoyed customer who will not get the scrapped work piece in time.
  • Time period, in which the machine generates no income, because it had to be idle because of major failures and the time- and cost-intensive repair.

If you can't ignore these cost issues, you should choose a monitoring and optimization solution.

Our sales engineers will be ready to offer you help and advice. Use the questionnaire to order a non-commital consulting.