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Faster than you think
Innovation in the focus of the EFRE funding

EFRE NRW 2014-2020

Cutting edge machining intelligence cloud (Cute Machining)

Use of high-frequency RFID technology in cloud-based technology management for autonomous process optimization using intelligent tools

The project aims at the optimization of production processes, which is to be achieved in the core by the bridging the gap of the digital factory into the pyhiscal factory and back. Tools for machining are empowered as "Smart Objects" to communicate with a database via web services and providing information about the current application in use.

First, the individual tools find a process-safe application corresponding to the entries in their "life cycle" up to the end of their maximum possible service life. Second, by the swarm of data gathering tools more and more better reference data are created, which always allow "sharper", more precise recommendations.

This creates the preliminare for implementing innovative business models ("Google for the industry") for technology management, which so far have only worked in the consumer sector.

The result is a network that provides a growing knowledge base with the "Force of the Many", which essentially reduces the need for experimentation ("Crowd Intelligence"). The key to the success of the project will be a new sensor / RFID technology, in order to be able to identify the tools on the one hand without any confusion, and on the other hand fill technology databases with live operating data via a communication unit ("tachograph", as our contribution in this project) .

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